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Book characters take to the streets

Library district supporters dressed up as favorite book characters and encouraged passing motorists to vote YES for libraries in the May 16 election. The spectacle took place Monday, May 15 in downtown Grants Pass on 6th and 7th Streets.

The following is the related news story from KDRV Channel 12.

The election is Tuesday, May 16. To be counted, ballots must be dropped in an official ballot drop box by 8 pm.


The final four

This is it. The final four days of the May 2017 election season. We just sent out the first canvass teams of the weekend — our last-minute effort to remind library supporters to get out and vote. While we are only a handful of days away, there’s still time for volunteers to make a difference.

Spots are open for our canvass this afternoon, tomorrow’s canvass, and the election eve Get Out The Vote phone bank at the library. Just drop by campaign headquarters at 535 Foundry Street or call our campaign coordinator at 503-927-8189. We’ll get you equipped to talk with voters in your neighborhood who have yet to turn in their ballots.

Many of our supporters have donated, volunteered, and written letters to the editor to help pass Measure 17-79. We are honoring their commitment by not leaving this election to chance. We will be working tirelessly until 7 pm on Election Day to build a strong foundation for a better library.

Book characters to get out the vote

Library district supporters will hold a demonstration on Monday, May 15 from 4:30–5:30 pm in downtown Grants Pass on 6th and 7th Streets.

Demonstrators will dress up as favorite book characters and hold “Vote” signs to remind residents that ballots are due by Tuesday, May 16 at 8 pm. Supporters will start in the Evergreen Federal Bank parking lot at 4 pm.

For more information, email

The vote is May 16.

The truth about voter turnout

We just received the latest voter report from the Josephine County elections office. Voters are casting their ballots at an overwhelming rate! Both pro-library supporters and anti-library opponents are highly motivated to turn in their ballots. It could come down to just a handful of votes.

It’s important that reliable library voters like you get out and vote. Our strategy counts on our supporters encouraging their friends and families to mark their ballots and get them in.

We have six days left to make a difference. We are calling our supporters, knocking on doors, and getting out the vote. Sign up for your volunteer shift by calling campaign coordinator, Kevin at 503-927-8189 or emailing

Thanks for all your continued support.

May the Fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars day! There are 12 days until Election Day. Our team of volunteers and supporters are busy working to pass Measure 17-79, building a strong foundation for a better library. While we aren’t up against an evil galactic empire, this election is going to be very close. Just yesterday, our opposition started airing untruthful radio ads in an attempt to misinform and confuse voters.

We need your help to set the record straight.

Chip in $35 now to help us go toe-to-toe with anti-library opponents.

Voter turnout is going to be really high and the election could come down to handful of votes. It is imperative we make sure all library supporters get out to vote. Once you are done reminding your friends and family, we have daily volunteer opportunities where you can make an immediate impact. To sign up for your shift, call campaign coordinator Kevin at 503-927-8189.

If you don’t have time to volunteer — be sure to help our social media campaign by liking and sharing our posts when they appear in your social media feed. You can follow us on Facebook here.

Be sure to turn your ballot in early to avoid Get-Out-The-Vote reminder calls.

May the Fourth be with you.