To meet ever-increasing demand for basic library services, library supporters in Josephine County have determined that a stable and consistent source of revenue is required, and are therefore proposing a measure to form a library special district for the May 2017 ballot.

With the defeat of countywide library district measures in 2006 and 2014, library supporters–including the Josephine Community Libraries Board of Directors and the Keep Our Libraries Open political action committee–concluded that the 2017 version of the measure should redraw the district boundaries to reflect the will of the voters. This means that the proposed library district will be smaller, to largely include only those precincts that voted Yes in the 2014 election.

This smaller, noncontiguous library district would have its own taxing authority and voter-elected governing library district board separate from county government.

This library district would be formed with a permanent, dedicated tax rate of 39 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value for those living within the library district boundaries.

Funds raised by the tax could only be used for the library district, and could not be diverted to other county departments.

For more details, including the proposed district boundary, click to see Frequently asked questions. Read the Josephine Community Library District Economic Feasibility Statement (pdf, 591kb). Click to get involved, either by volunteering or donating to the campaign.

Updated November 22, 2016